Jaguar XJ PHEV

Jaguar XJ PHEV

Jaguar is gearing-up for the next-generation XJ flagship.

According to Autocar, the new XJ could debut in 2019 and is expected to arrive as a super-luxury plug-in hybrid.

Jaguar already developed a demonstration prototype XJ_e some four years ago, but that project didn't live to see commercialization.

The new production XJ will be completely different, with a V6 plug-in hybrid to be the main version.

"The new XJ is likely to feature mixed-materials body construction, a new-generation V6 hybrid drivetrain, an entirely fresh look for the interior and much more of the technology needed for connected and autonomous driving.

It’s expected to arrive in showrooms in spring 2019 and a concept version could be seen in 2018, the 50th anniversary of the original XJ."

"Autocar understands the new XJ will be based on the same basic D7a aluminium architecture, with sections of the structure replaced by lightweight carbonfibre.

Because the JLR aluminium platform is constructed using rivets and adhesive, it is remarkably straightforward to incorporate carbonfibre panels and structures. The upshot is a structure that will be lighter and stiffer, which is especially important if the XJ is sold mainly as a V6 plug-in hybrid."

source: Autocar

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