BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 REx

According to JATO Dynamics data (via Automotive News Europe), in 2015 BMW sold 12,047 i3 in Europe, which is near 50% of the global total 24,057 (most of the rest went to the U.S. - someĀ 11,024 units).

It's always interesting to know how many of those cars were pure electric and how many were equipped with range-extender, as the BMW offers us a rare glimpse into the demand splits between the two platforms.

The REx i3 were classified as plug-in hybrids, and JATO Dynamics states thatĀ 6,566 were sold in Europe - up 67% year-over-year.

Also, those 6,566 i3s represent nearly 55% of the total, and over 1,000 more than 5,481 pure electric i3.

"In addition, BMW's lineup includes the i3, which is sold either with a range-extending engine or as a full-electric model. The i3 with the range extender outsold the battery-powered variant 6,566 to 5,481 in 2015. LMC sees no future growth for variants with range-extending engines."

Introducing the longer range BMW i3 could switch the proportions, but we'll need to be patient before those numbers are available.

source: Automotive News Europe

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