Škoda VisionS

Škoda VisionS

Škoda is back in the news after first unveiling the plug-in hybrid SUV, the VisionS at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

As it turns out, beside planned a plug-in hybrid for 2019, there will be also pure electric model in 2020 or 2021.

The new BEV will be based on Volkswagen's umpcoming MEB electric vehicle platform, and offer great performances according to Autocar - over 300 miles range (480 km), 15-minutes fast charge and an affordable price - "a cost below a comparative combustion-engined vehicle".

We don't know yet what kind of model it could be, but it's expected that the plug-in hybrid scheduled for 2019 will be the Škoda Superb.

Of course Škoda is part of the Volkswagen Group so we believe that at first we will see plug-ins on the MEB EV platform (presented in VW Budd-e) with a Volkswagen badge long before Skoda variations.

source: Autocar

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