Identification for ABB multi-standard fast chargers

Identification for ABB multi-standard fast chargers

ABB released interesting photo of two of their new multi-standard DC fast chargers T53 CJG installed in Sweden, alongsie multiple Tesla Superchargers.

It's probably the way to go in the near-future for main routes in Europe to be compatibile with all fast-rechargeable EVs.


  • Tesla Supercharger - DC 120 kW (through Type 2 - compatibile intlet)
  • CHAdeMO - DC 50 kW
  • CCS Combo - DC 50 kW
  • Type 2 - AC 43 kW
Tesla uses its own standard, where there are also CHAdeMO and CCS Combo camps among manufacturers. Renault is the only OEM to introduced 3-phase 43 kW charging in ZOE (last year the new ZOE R240 was designed for only 22 kW with no other DC inlet), which means that demand for 43 kW is almost non existent.

Some other models can also use up to 22 kW AC charging.

Tesla is in the special situatuation, because it can use 3-phase AC charging or CHAdeMO (using adapter), while other EVs can't use Tesla Superchargers.

Longer term, charging will be even more complicated, because there will be 100 or 150 kW DC fast chargers - so finding a spot, drivers would need to pay attention whether it's first generation 50 kW or newer 100-150 kW version.

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