Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Autoblog's Sebastian Blanco recently had chance to put its hands on the Model X P90D and publish interesting review of the latest Tesla.

First of all, Model X is impressive and the "instant torque is real".

"A ludicrous acceleration run, even only up to 45 mph, turns everyone else at the stop light a small dot in your rearview mirror."

From the driver's perspective Model X is similar to the Model S, so no one will be lost swtiching from S to X.

A bonus new feature in the Tesla Model X is the remote door control and automatic door open/close, while approaching/recede, are presented on the videos below.

The most important part of many reviews are sometimes not the pros, but the cons. Model X owner Randy Hansen revealed to Autoblog his opinion on the six-seat version:

"Since the X is an SUV, it's about more than the driving experience. There's a U in there, and the X does offer a lot of utility. You can order it with up to seven seats (ours had six, with the middle two on special Tesla-designed posts. Hansen's biggest complaint with his X after just over 5,000 miles is that these post seats are overkill. He said a simple three-seat bench in the middle would give you tons of optional cargo space while still providing plenty of places for people to sit."

Confident In The Knowledge That $2,500 Will Be (Theoretically) There For You....Go Ahead And Buy That Tesla!

Confident In The Knowledge That $2,500 Will Be (Theoretically) There For You....Go Ahead And Buy That Tesla!

There are some quirks here and there - in navigation for example.

Falcon Wings doors are another big question for most people - whether they withstand the long use:

"Those Falcon Wings have a tendency to not open because they sense something in their way, even when the coast was clear. They don't always close 100 percent correct, either, jutting out maybe 1/8th inch from the body sometimes."

Some problems noted in the first few months:

  • replaced the actuators in the doors
  • brake warning lights sometimes come on that need to be reset by turning the car off and on
  • navigation system gets stuck (need to press the two dials on the steering wheel for a few seconds to fix)

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Remote Control

Opening the Falcon Wing doors on a Tesla Model X is cool. Doing it from they key fob is even cooler.

Tesla Model X Automatic Opening Doors

Tesla Model X has a feature where it will open the doors automatically when you approach. This is what that looks like.

Tesla Model X Autopilot Sensing

The dashboard of the Tesla Model X scans the road ahead and displays little car icons when it detects other vehicles. It's crazy cool.

Tesla Model X with Windshield Tint

The giant glass panel that is the windshield in the Tesla Model X comes with some tinting, but this aftermarket tint job does the trick.

Tesla Model X Touchscreen Door Control

You can open all of the doors, including the Falcon Wing doors, from the center touch screen. This is how you do that.

source: Autoblog

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