Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray has a plan to cut the city's transportation emissions by 50% over the next 9 years, and to get there the majority of the city's petrol vehicles will have to be removed.

Seattle - 90% Powered By Hydroelectricity

Seattle - 90% Powered By Hydroelectricity

Enter some 15,000 new plug-in vehicles (passenger vehicles, buses and light-duty trucks) all powered by the city's famed near zero-carbon hydro from Seattle City Light.

Mr. Murray announced the Green Fleet Action Plan, last Thursday at the Climate Leadership Conference in Seattle.

At the time, the Mayor stated that ~65% of Seattle's greenhouse-gas emissions is coming from transportation.

“We have clean energy at our fingertips, and it’s time to use it to improve our transportation infrastructure,” Mayor Murray said.

For their part, the residents of the city have already long started the emission-reduction ball rolling, Seattle has one of the highest EV adoption rates in the country with ~10,000 plug-ins registered in King County.

And as the 15,000 new plug-ins will require power, Mr. Murray looks to also install 400 charging stations over the next 5-7 years to service Seattle's new electric fleet.

The Seattle Times

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