EVgo has 7 Freedom Station in Washington state - the latest one at Redmond Town Center is the first equipped with Combo plug (CHAdeMO and AC Level 2 too).

EVgo increasingly uses double-head 50 kW DC fast chargers with both CHAdeMO and Combo plugs and this is probably the way to go as no agreement on charging standards exists.

Previously, there were a lot of stand-alone CHAdeMO or Combo chargers installed, but two plugs on one charger is probably a more economical solution.

There are three charging plans for Freedom Stations. Here we have pricing for the Seattle area (especially important for those who don't have  the free charging promotion):

EVgo Seattle - December 2015

EVgo Seattle - December 2015

Terry O’Day, EVgo’s West Regional Vice President said:

“EVgo is the largest developer of public DC Fast Charging for EVs in the nation. We are proud to partner with Redmond Town Center and serve customers in the Puget Sound’s rapidly expanding EV market. Bringing EVgo’s robust network of the fastest charging technology available provides drivers with the confidence needed to purchase an EV and discover an incredible new driving experience.”

Hill, Senator for the 45th Legislative District which includes Redmond said:

“Building Washington’s electric car infrastructure is a big step in transitioning to a clean energy economy. Electric car technology is taking off and so should our infrastructure. This charging station puts Redmond on pace to be a leader in emissions-reducing technology.”

Redmond Town Center Property Manager, Courtney Klein said:

“Our community is passionate about technology and innovative, eco-friendly transportation, so we are pleased to offer our Shoppers the EVgo Freedom Stations; a fast, convenient and eco-conscience way to re-fuel.”

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