Tesla store

Tesla store

When we last time checked Tesla's Find Us map, there were no stores or service centers in Michigan (one service center "coming soon" in Detroit though).

More than 400 Tesla customers in Michigan need to service their cars in neighboring states, which isn't all that convenient at all.

According to latest Detroit News article, Tesla is still fighting for the right to be able sell cars directly in Michigan, but resistance is overwhelming.

The state passed an Anti-Tesla bill passed one year ago.

Jim Chen, Tesla’s vice president of regulatory affairs, said:

“There doesn’t seem to be much interest from not only the dealers, but manufacturers like GM that want to continue to shut us out of the market entirely,”.

“We’re an American company that is building cars in the United States that is using over 55 Michigan suppliers — that is spending over $120 million in parts and components from Michigan suppliers to build American-made cars. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to sell in Michigan?”

Some interesting light on the future was cast by state Sen. Darwin Booher, R-Evart who introduced a bill enabling direct sales of three-wheeled “autocycles”. If Michigan would allow for that (in favor of Elio Motors, as we understand it), then Tesla would have a strong argument in its favor.

The Federal Trade Commission already is on-board with direct car sales:

"The Federal Trade Commission earlier this year, in a 10-page letter to Booher, urged the Michigan Legislature to reconsider the ban on Tesla and other automakers from directly selling to consumers. The agency said the ban leads to “protectionism” for dealers and is “likely harming both competition and consumers.”

Source: The Detroit News

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