Nissan LEAF Turns 5

Nissan LEAF Turns 5

Since it's launch in 2010, the Nissan LEAF has become the world's #1 selling electric car.  With almost 200,000 units sold globally thus far, no other pure electric car is even close to the sales success of the LEAF.

As such, Nissan is celebrating the LEAF's 5th birthday, and has put together a video on the occasion (above), and on the upcoming 200,000 EVs sold milestone.

"Nissan will deliver its 200,000th LEAF in January, officially making it the world’s most popular and successful electric vehicle. The U.S., Japan and Europe have accounted for 90 percent of total LEAF sales, with the U.S. leading the way with more than 90,000 sales, followed by Japan (50,000) and Europe (40,000)."

Editor's Note:  Our own napkin-back math for global sales puts the LEAF at just over 195,000 heading into December; a month which also happens to be the strongest selling month of the year, so the occasion may actually occur this month.

As part of the celebration Nissan asks us to do so by "sharing your song picks for the Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday Spotify Playlist," which you can do so by clicking here(we'll probably just skip that suggestion though)

Turning back the clock to the LEAF's first birthday, we come across the video below with this description:

"As the Nissan LEAF turns one year old, electricity is having a celebration."

"In this commercial, all different types of electrical sockets singing away to wish the first and only mass produced electric car a very happy first birthday."

Nissan also marked the occasion by focusing on the just released, longer range 30 kWh 2016 LEAF, as well as re-promoting the IDS Concept (complete with a 60 kWh/200+ mile battery) - which basically foreshadows the next generation LEAF expected in 2017.

Building a new EV future – The next five years

The 2016 Nissan LEAF went on sale equipped with a new 30kWh battery in the U.S. in November that extends the miles per charge by more than 20 percent, followed by Japan (December 2015) and Europe (January 2016).

As the level of electric vehicle technology continues to increase, Nissan believes that this shift towards cleaner, more efficient zero emission vehicles will contribute greatly in improving air quality and lowering noise levels.

"EV technology will continue to be at the heart of Nissan's product development efforts," said Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn. "By combining our pioneering EV technologies and other intelligence and innovations, Nissan is moving closer to a zero-emission future for car transportation. With the technologies we are creating, mobility is becoming safer, cleaner, more connected and more exciting. That's the power of innovation.  And that's what you can expect from Nissan."

Nissan will accelerate its endeavors for the realization of a zero emission society by further developing and popularizing EVs as well as innovations utilizing EV-related technology and business

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