2016 Chevrolet Volt And Level 2 ClipperCreek Charging Station

2016 Chevrolet Volt And Level 2 ClipperCreek Charging Station

It seems like ClipperCreek these days is winding its way through its entire charging lineup.  A tweak here, and upgrade there, and usually for less money.

This weeks changes brings a higher power 5.8 kW "Level 2" charging unit (the LCS-30 - details) that is just 24 amps - your electrical box with thank you.

As always Clipper offers the unit two ways, direct wire from $499, and our own personal preference, the plug-in version for $515.

“Electric vehicle owners want faster charging, but don’t necessarily want to upgrade their electrical service panel. The LCS-30 provides the maximum charging power available through a standard 30 Amp, 240 Volt circuit.

With 24 Amps available to the vehicle, the LCS-30 can deliver approximately 20 miles of range per hour of charge for vehicles capable of accepting this level of power for charging. This allows more people to use their existing infrastructure, making the installation much more affordable,” - Will Barrett, ClipperCreek’s Director of Sales.

The full spec list is below, but one thing we do note of interest is that like some of ClipperCreek's other recent offerings, the new, next gen SAE-J1772 connectors are lockable, which is must for certain situations.


Some features of the LCS-30 include:

  • 25 feet of charging cable for installation flexibility and superior vehicle reach
  • Integrated cable wrap makes storing the cable simple and convenient
  • Low profile wall mount connector holster is included, allowing storage of the vehicle connector out of the way and where it’s most convenient
  • Fully sealed NEMA 4 rated enclosure for product durability
  • Next generation SAE-J1772 connector with optional pad lock feature
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by an exceptional customer service team
  • Made in America
  • Optional wall mount Cable Cradle is available for added charge cable management for $19.
The ClipperCreek LCS-30 EVSE is available for purchase today here, or by calling the ClipperCreek directly at 877-694-4194.


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