The Falcon doors on the Tesla Model X present some challenges when trying to transport long items like skis.

Tesla has various solutions, ranging from a hitch-mounted ski rack, to a special roof rack held in place by suction cups (mention before by Elon Musk, but not yet seen affixed to a Model X).

However, as you'll see in this video, it's possible (though we don't advise it) to transport skis without any of the above items.

Video description:

End of the day leaving Heavenly...

This silver Model X was either leaving for the day or heading to the HPWC where it disappeared from view.

Given the trunk was up, I'd guess that when they arrived they couldn't charge, but now at the end of the day they needed a quick top up to get to Folsom, so didn't bother to sort out the car until they started charging.

As Seen With Skis

As Seen With Skis

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