In what has got to be the most awesome display of electric horsepower applied to tires on the entire planet, Pottage and Ripperton jointly decided to end the eFXC season with a mutual synchronized burnout.  After securing pole, apparently the boys decided Voltron needed a bit of work, resulting in a rare shot (from the Facebook page) of the bike naked, and sporting it's huge motor.

Naked Voltronness (

Naked Voltronness ("Voltronicity?)

And the final standings:

Last-of-the-season standings

Last-of-the-season standings

We also saw the return of our old favorite, Catavolt, to the grid.

Catavolt, running dual liquid-cooled Enertrac hub motors <em>(photo courtesy <a href=Tony Castley)" draggable="false">

Catavolt, running dual liquid-cooled Enertrac hub motors (photo courtesy Tony Castley)

This has been an epic season of racing for the eFXC, seeing some stiff competition raised by the Varley team, finally overcoming a slew of technical problems, and ultimately facing some serious hurdles attracting sponsorship for the coming seasons - while it's some of the best electric racing in the world, with a handful of machines that make gas bikes shudder, it's been a small grid - both expensive to field, and hard to get return on sponsorship dollars.

The video, however, shows you just what electric racing is all about - stiff competition, a world-class pace,  and some reliable machines that still have some room to grow into their boots.  Enjoy:

Voltron-Evo last race 2015Onboard Volton-Evo for the last race of the 2015 Season. See how hard all the bikes are pushing with some great racing and a celebration skid at the end.

Posted by Voltron Electric Motorcycles on Sunday, December 6, 2015

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