Andrea James, Wall Street analyst at Dougherty, was supremely impressed with her Tesla Model X test drive.

Being an Uber user, Andrea loved the autopilot feature and joked that, with the way she drives, such an option makes the world safer. She sells Tesla stock and is often questioned by investors. Although she admits to not being car savvy regarding acceleration times, metrics and speaking in "guy talk", she willingly offers her opinion.

A few years back, Andrea was asked about her ride in the Model S. She said:

"As a city girl, I'm not the best judge, but given the performance data set, auto journalists should be impressed."

Overall, Andrea is focused on safety. She has to protect herself, her child, and others on the road. The Model S is the safest car on the market and she confesses to having "sold" the car to people simply on that fact alone. Space for passengers and "stuff" is her other selling point. She elaborated:

Over the years, I've had many people ask me, "Should I buy a Tesla? I don't know if I can afford a Tesla." And I sort-of joked back, "Can you afford to get maimed in a car accident?"

The Model X, with safety ratings likely to meet or exceed the Model S, and its seven-seat, SUV platform, seemed a great catch for Andrea. Soon enough, she will be a proud owner.

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