2015 Mercedes B-Class ED Dash Cluster

2015 Mercedes B-Class ED Dash Cluster

This termination has been know for quite some time now, but it was confirmed again at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

Tesla had hoped for an extension to its supply deal with Daimler, but that's not going to happen.

Harald Kröger, head of development for electric vehicles at Mercedes-Benz, says that Daimler will no longer work with Tesla on electric car projects because the automaker is now capable of of carrying out such endeavors on its own:

"We have the B-Class Electric Drive an excellent project with Tesla and work very well with the colleagues. Follow-up projects are however not currently planned, because we can provide future excellence ourselves."

Daimler acquired a major stake in Tesla back in 2009. It has since sold off all its Tesla shares.

In the gear up for producing its own electric cars, Daimler announced a significant battery factory investment during the Geneva Motor Show.

Automobilwoche reports (via crude Google Translate):

"The new plant will be commissioned in summer in 2017."

"2018 will bring new electric models with significantly longer range than previously on the market the carmakers - including about a SUV based on the GLC, which should come 500 km on a single charge. Parallel to this is likely the next generation of the B-Class with its own technology to be launched."

Source: Automobilwoche

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