As the Volkswagen Phaeton retires (production ends this month), it leads to some questions about the pure electric version announced earlier as part of the move to electrification.

The reason behind Phaeton retirement is lack of commercial success in times when Volkswagen is thin on cash.

The only profitable market (or at least strongest) for the Phaeton was China, and this is likely why Volkswagen is introducing in China the all-new Phideon, positioned above the Passat in place of outgoing Phaeton.

The Volkswagen Phideon will go on sale in China before the end of 2016.

Presentation of this new model in Geneva suggest that German manufacturer is still considering exporting Phideon to some other markets too.

The Phideon will begin its journey as conventional model with the four-wheel drive and 3.0 TSI gasoline engine. But there is confirmed intention to introduce plug-in hybrid, which would be smart considering Chinese support of plug-ins these days.

In the above video you can check the Volkswagen Phideon inside-out.

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