It's that time of year where snow tires and even snow chains are getting installed in preparation for winter.

Though listed as "sold out" right now, these Trak Sport snow chains are the approved chains for the Tesla Model S.

Video description:

"This video will show you how to install the Trak Sport snow chains on a Tesla Model S."

"You can purchase them from Tesla here"

Here's the info on the Trak Sport chains sold by Tesla (note: chains are currently sold out):

$ 400.00

Sold Out

TESLA PN: 1052776-00-A

The Trak Sport snow chain provides excellent traction and durability in snowy conditions. New, upgraded design simply requires one fixing point on the outer side of the drive wheels rather than complex attachments to the inner side.

Features chain construction with 3 mm diameter cross-section links in high alloy steel.

Comes packaged in an easy-carry nylon protective bag with Tesla installation guide for the perfect fit.

Chains should only be installed on the rear wheels of the Model S and only on 19" tires.

The use of non-recommended tire chains has been shown to cause suspension and other vehicle damage.

*Note: The snow chains include one pair of chains for two wheels.

This item can only be shipped to customers with a North American address.

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