Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Next year, Nissan will present and maybe even introduce a new electrified model equipped with a range-extender into its lineup.

What we know is that it will not be a LEAF, which will stay pure electric, so maybe something based on the Gripz concept? revealed the news after an interview with Yoshi Shimoida, Nissan’s Deputy General Manager, EV and HEV engineering division.

Yoshi Shimoida said that they are calling the drivetrain a series hybrid instead of range-extender, but just like in the case of the BMW i3, Nissan is talking about an engine without connection to the wheels, used just as an on-board generator.

"It’s something like that . But we call it a series hybrid,” he said, which is another name given to the range-extending EV technology."

Separate, unfortunate news for Australians from, is that the new 30 kWh LEAF will not be offered in Australia, which we find rather strange; but given the high pricing/limited release (and slow arrival) of the original 24 kWh version of the LEAF down under, it seems Nissan will just go ahead and wait for the next generation LEAF to update the brand in Austrailia.

Source:, hat tip to Alan h!

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