BMW CEO Harald Kruger

BMW CEO Harald Kruger

BMW CEO Harald Kruger says that the German automaker is accelerating its development efforts on its i plug-in electric car sub brand.

As BMWBLOG explains:

"In an interview with Handelsblatt, Mr. Krüger said BMW’s focus will increasingly shift to electric cars. The strict emission limits for diesel engines is part of the reason behind the decision."

It seems that the Volkswagen diesel gate scandal is having a far-reaching impact.


"Without diesel engines, automakers will be unable to reach the European Union’s fuel consumption and emissions limits planned for 2020 and beyond, Krüger said."

Quoting Kruger:

“But in the future, the point will be reached at which it will be simply uneconomical to adapt diesel drive systems to the requirements of an increasingly ambitious legislation. Then electric mobility will play the decisive role.”

As we all know, electric mobility is the future. The gas/diesel engine is on its ways out in the passenger vehicle segment. It only a matter of time before all automakers come to this realization.


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