Williams Advanced Engineering produces Formula E battery

Williams Advanced Engineering produces Formula E battery

Williams Advanced Engineering can now boasts about receiving the “Most Innovative New Motorsport Product” award for its efforts in Formula E.

We don't doubt the quality of the Williams' batteries, though it would be hard to award anyone else with such an achievement, as there is no competition in Formula E battery tech.

Formula E uses a single supplier (Williams) for batteries for all its cars. Usable energy from every pack for the whole season is 28 kWh - the packs stores at least several kWh more, but saves it as reserve for loss of capacity to have the same conditions for every team for the whole season.

Power assumptions were fairly conservative in the beginning (133 kW) and later it turned out that the batteries can withstand higher power outputs during races (170 kW).

Interesting is that failure rate for the packs is 1 per 440 race uses (0.23%).

"Williams Advanced Engineering was awarded the prize for its work in creating the batteries that are currently powering the cars racing in Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series. The Formula E battery had to be designed from scratch within an aggressive 12-month timeframe, fit into a strictly pre-determined safety cell, cool sufficiently, be 100% consistent from one team to the next (40 race cars plus spares), and last an entire season with no loss of power or performance. The batteries showed remarkable reliability in the inaugural Formula E season, with only one failure in 440 race starts. The batteries are currently powering the cars in the second season of the Championship, with the next round taking place in Uruguay on 19th December."

Speaking about the Award, Williams Advanced Engineering Managing Director Craig Wilson said:

“It’s always a great honour to be recognised by your peers and the Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium brings together the very best the motorsport industry has to offer from around the world. The Formula E battery programme has been a significant examination from a design and logistics perspective and I am extremely proud of how our team has risen to the challenge and produced a product that is garnering much attention both within the motorsport industry and the wider automotive world.”

Williams battery technology presented in late 2014:

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