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Sergio Marchionne, known for his skepticism about electric cars, stepped up in Geneva with a surprising offer that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could build a car for Apple (which would be electric, by the way).

Marchionne revealed also that he himself is an “Apple freak,” using all kinds of Apple products and that he would appreciate such a partnership, without being arrogant (which often happens when large company looks on new players from above).

“I would assume that we have the credibility to be one of the players they have looked at. There are parts of us that would be interesting for them.”

“Apple has a language, and you have to be able to speak that language. Usually the industry comes into that dialogue with a high degree of arrogance as we know how to make cars. That’s not very helpful as their syntax is worth more than our ability to build cars.”

Well, it wouldn't be bad idea from various prospects. Fiat opts for broader consolidation and Apple wouldn't necessarily need to establish a production facility for the car.

Whether we will see a Fiat Chrysler Apple Automobiles alliance is now an open topic, at least from Marchionne's perspective.


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