Heuliez Bus GX 337 ELEC

Heuliez Bus GX 337 ELEC

Heuliez Bus, a bus manufacturer in Europe, joins the EV club with an all-electric bus - the GX 337 ELEC.

It's a prototype and thus we don't know its exact range as of yet, but according to the press release range should be enough for all-day service and then overnight charging using DC combo fast charger.

Electric motor peaks at 175 kW. The bus can take up to 90 passengers.

"Heuliez Bus, a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI), has entered the electric bus market with its new 100% electric GX ELEC bus range. This is the latest development for the brand as it furthers its commitment to producing alternative vehicle power solutions. Having already sold 400 hybrid buses to date, Heuliez is committed to providing real alternatives to fossil fuels.

The new zero-emissions vehicles eliminate local pollutants and reduce greenhouse gases, noise pollution and vibrations. The range is designed to meet the demands of today’s urban transport system and is equipped for all day use with night-time recharging and pre-heating in the winter months at bus depots."

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