BMW i3 Shadow Sport

BMW i3 Shadow Sport

BMW of North America has announced a new package for the i3 REx.

Called a "Value Package" and listed as the ZIR pack, BMW says that it includes some options previously bundled under the extremely limited BMW i3 Shadow Sport Edition.

Considering the recent drop (off a cliff) in i3 sales in the US for 2016, any new "value" proposition seems like a good idea.

As BMWBLOG explains:

"The 2016 BMW i3 ZIR will be produced between April and June 2016 and will include options like the Deka World Interior, Giga World Wheels, Navigation Professional and Universal Garage Door Opener."

The MSRP is $46,250, but additional options will up the price.

According to BMW, the "Value Package" options would set the typical i3 REx buyer back $50,800, so by selecting the package one could saveĀ $4,550.

Notable options not included in the "Value Package" are LED headlights and the Technology Package.


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