Fastned announced today that all 50 of its fast-charge stations in the Netherlands will be equipped with Tesla-to-CHAdeMO charging adapters.

The first batch of adapters are already in place. These adapters will allow Tesla owners (Model S and Model X) to charge rapidly at all Fastned locations nationwide.

There are currently only 7 Superchargers in the Netherlands.

Press release:

Teslas can now charge super fast at Fastned

Fastned adds Tesla adaptors to all of its 50 stations in the Netherlands. The adaptors allow Tesla drivers to quickly recharge their car and continue their journey. The 50 Fastned locations are a significant addition to the current 7 Tesla superchargers in the Netherlands. With this addition Tesla drivers no longer have to make detours to fast-charge their car.

At the moment there are almost 5000 Teslas in the Netherlands, and this number is growing rapidly. With the Tesla adaptors at all Fastned stations, Tesla drivers can now charge superfast and easy and along The Netherlands. The first adapters will be placed today.

Here's a link to Fastned's map showing locations of its chargers.

Fastned Locations

Fastned Locations

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