Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

According to CAP Black Book in the UK, the Tesla Model S holds value better than other cars because drivers love them.

The second reason is for the S holding its value so well is that most of the Model S electric cars are well equipped above the standard trim.

The growing Supercharging network and software updates also improves the experience over time.

Jeff Knight at CAP said:

“The Tesla is still, relatively, rare in the UK and most are bought new by passionate enthusiasts or business fleet buyers. This means that second-hand examples tend to be fitted with between £10,000-20,000 worth of optional equipment. This helps the Tesla hold its value on the used car market. At Black Book, we have held Tesla values static for a year now, which is highly unusual.”

Knight continued: “Many Tesla owners alter their lifestyle to fit the charging regime, because they are that passionate about the benefits of their vehicle. In the US, it’s not unusual for owners to call at the supercharger on the way home and sit in the car, using the free Wi-Fi to send emails as the car charges.

“People, clearly, love this vehicle, which means it holds its value. For anyone looking to buy an executive car with green credentials, but can handle the charging regime, a Tesla is one of the smartest investments in today’s market.”

Sadly there is no example data of percentage of held value for used Teslas over time.

Source: Fleet News

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