2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO fast charger

2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO fast charger

Step by step, the CHAdeMO Association is approaching a milestone of 10,000 DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO plug.

As of November 25, 9,631 were counted worldwide, but there is always some delay between new installations and reports, so we don't know exactly how many chargers are available.

"The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 9631.

-- (Japan 5484 Europe 2755 USA 1337 Others 55) last update 2015.11.25"

Using official CHAdeMO reports, we constructed a graphical presentation of the number of CHAdeMOs around the world, although data for the end of each year is just an estimation (from the latest report each year - usually in November/December).

In Europe, hundreds of CHAdeMOs are also equipped with Combo. Power typically is up to 50 kW.

For comparison reasons, the total number of CCS Combo chargers around the world stand at some 1,600 (including those with CHAdeMO).

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