EVgo charging station

EVgo charging station

EVgo (ee-vee-go) announced three significant agreements in approximately one week's time.

This latest deal with BMW will anchor EVgo as one of the largest public (if not soon the largest) DC fast charging infrastructure provider (excluding Tesla).

According to the press release, the EVgo network includes 105 DC Combo chargers with at least 500 more to come.

Arun Banskota, President, EVgo said:

"It is our mission to put the right chargers in the right places and we are doing just that. This is one of the biggest weeks in EVgo's history. We are building partnerships across the board that lead to the highest quality experience for EV drivers while building a bigger and better version of what is already America's largest DC Fast charging network."

With BMW

"BMW's program with EVgo is called ChargeNow DC Fast. It was tested in California and led to the largest network of DC Fast Combo chargers in America. Now BMW is supporting EVgo's installation of 500 DC Combo Fast chargers, to benefit BMW i3 customers and all EV drivers in the US with DC Combo Fast charging capability. ChargeNow DC Fast also includes two years of no-cost charging for qualifying BMW i3 drivers. The EVgo network already includes 105 locations which offer DC Fast Combo charging."

Robert Healey, Head of EV Infrastructure for BMW of North America said:

"This significant expansion in the number as well as the locations of publicly available DC Combo Fast chargers further affirms BMW's commitment to e-mobility and will make EV ownership even more enjoyable for BMW i3 drivers."

With Ford

"Ford Motor Company's program is called EV 1-2-3 Charge. The pilot program will provide unlimited, complimentary, four-hour-charging sessions at more than 500 participating EVgo and SemaConnect Level 2 public charging stations. The plan will be included with the purchase or lease of the C-MAX Energi, in California and the Washington, DC area."

Stephanie Janczak, Ford manager of electrification and infrastructure said:

"EV 1-2-3 Charge is a great way for customers to get the most out of their C-MAX Energi. We're coupling a fun, versatile, environmentally-friendly car with a complimentary charge program that is easy to use and reduces cost of ownership. It's a win-win."

ROEV Association

"EVgo is also a founding member of the ROEV Association. ROEV is designed to maximize EV adoption by facilitating public EV charging network interoperability. Together, EVgo and the association's partners operate 91% of the more than 17,000 public networked chargers in the US. ROEV will allow network interoperability for EV charging much like bank cards allow customers to withdraw cash from various banks, not just their own."

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