BMW i3 Tire

BMW i3 Tire

BMW i3 owners have an interesting competition amongst themselves and that’s to see who gets the most flat tires.

For some reason, despite the i3’s very narrow tires – 155mm to 175mm – the damn little things have an unusual attraction to sharp objects on the road. This brings up interesting challenges for us – the i3 owners – because the little BMW electric car does not have a spare tire. Though it does come with a can of “fix a flat” and a small underpowered air compressor, therefore many flats have resulted in a tow truck to the dealer.

BMWBLOG holds the record for the quickest flat after purchase at Day 2 of ownership and less than 150 miles. Our first was caused by a 4-inch bolt that killed the tire. And I do mean killed it. It was too big of a hole to patch or plug. It costs us $148 for a new tire from the dealer along with install mount, balance and tax, ended up totaling $211.78. Happily we made it about 14,000 more miles before we had our second flat.

...Enter one of my favorite things I’ve purchased for my garage – Griot Garage’s Tire Repair Kit. The kit includes a set of tools to remove the offending object from the tire and plug it, as well as a wicked 12-Voit air pump up tires crazy fast by simply plugging the air pump into the cigarette lighter.

*Editor's Note: The rest of this post (authored by i3 owner Chuck Vossler), including an extensive "DIY tire repair" write-up, appears over at BMWBLOG. Please do check it out here in its entirety if repairing your own flat interests you.


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