Cadillac's Uwe Ellinghaus

Cadillac's Uwe Ellinghaus

On numerous occasions now, Cadillac's chief marketing officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, had made it clear that the automaker has no further interest in making dedicated plug-in electric cars (such as the Cadillac ELR).

Instead, Cadillac will focus its electrification efforts of making plug-in hybrid versions of existing cars.

Car and Driver asked Ellinghaus if Cadillac would have a dedicated plug-in electric car in the near future. Ellinghaus responded:

“No. The very opposite. We need to walk away from a dedicated model. It needs to be a standard, in our regular lineup. The CT6 is the first Cadillac that has a plug-in-hybrid electric version, and this is the way forward.”

A similar strategy is in place over at Mercedes-Benz, where the automaker has begun and will continue to offer PHEV versions of most all of its conventional cars.

Electric car purists hate this strategy, as the end result is usually a compromised PHEV, but it does get more plug-ins on the road, so we sort of back this effort for now.

However, in the long term, automakers will have to move towards full electrification and dedicated models. That's really the only way to get to an end result car that's as capable as, say, a Tesla Model S.

Source: Car & Driver

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