Coming Soon To A Pump Near You? (<em>via Our Horizon</em>)

Coming Soon To A Pump Near You? (via Our Horizon)

For the first time in the history of North America (and perhaps the world) a city has legislated that local gas pumps now need to affix climate change warning stickers to serve customers.

Passed unanimously by North Vancouver (Canada) city councillors last Monday, the new program will take effect in early 2016.

North Vancouver Mayor, Darrel Mussatto said at the bylaw meeting that enacted the change:

“It is 2015 and we need to talk about how we are going to move forward as a society on a reduced carbon or carbon-free diet and it is going to be a challenge."

As one would expect the gas companies, and local gas station owners are thrilled with the changes.  Global News spoke with Andrew Klukas with the Western Convenience Stores Association:

“British Columbia is the only province in Canada that has mandatory pre-pay. So to have a negative image on that very valuable piece of real estate right around the pump, we would rather put something positive there.”

The move (and first win) was spearheaded by Our Horizon, which describes itself as "a national not-for-profit organization that’s working with municipalities to require climate change labels on gas pump nozzles."

Currently, many city councils across North America have this proposition (or one very similar) on their agendas to discuss, so we imagine North Vancouver won't stand alone with this decision very long.

The final designs of the stickers, expected to cost about $5,000 to produce, have yet to be decided - but will likely range from climate change issues, to EV rebates available in the province (up to $5,000) to fuel saving and conservation tips.

Whatever your opinion on the public gas station warnings, one thing is for ain't going to be bad thing for EV sales.

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