A couple videos have been published on the recent seatbelt-related recall/inspection of every Tesla Model S ever made.

Above, Bjørn Nyland gets his Model S checked out by a Tesla rep at a local Supercharging station in just a few minutes - saving himself a trip to his local service center. That's creative thinking on behalf of Tesla to dispatch technicians to Supercharger to perform some inspection.

While in the video below, a YouTuber uploader (Internet Dude) goes over the official Tesla recall email letter, as well as an unofficial demonstration showing how you might go about checking the seatbelts in the Tesla Model S to see if the recall may apply to your car.   (Demonstartion starts at 3:25 mark)

Video description:

"How to check your Tesla Model S seatbelt to see if the bolt is loose."

"In this video I read the e-mail I received regarding the recall, give my thoughts, and demonstrate how I checked my outboard lap pretensioner bolt. I live over 1,000 miles from the nearest service center so I have no idea when a Tesla technician will actually see my to officially inspect the bolt."

Tesla will inspect the seatbelts on all Model S free of charge, so please don't rely on this self-check method.

Your Model S will need to be officially inspect to insure that the seatbelt functions as intended.

Additional video showing Supercharger seatbelt inspection:

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