Most Chevrolet Volt owners (both Gen 1 and Gen2) are able to easily exceed the electric range rating for the plug-in car, provided that conditions (temperature, lack of precipitation, etc.) are acceptable, but can Volt newbies beat the rating too?

To find out, Engineering Explained tested a 2016 Volt to see just how far it can go on electricity alone.

Video description:

"2016 Chevy Volt Review - Can It Go 53 Electric Miles?"

"The second generation Chevy Volt features a larger battery and greater efficiency, yielding an all electric range of 53 miles before the engine has to kick on. Under the hood is a 1.5L I4 gasoline engine, which is used purely as a generator, and a 111 kW two-motor system is responsible for driving the front wheels. An 18.4 kW battery on board stores the electric juice. The question is, can the 2016 Volt make it 53 miles without the engine coming on? I put it to the test to find out!"

"MSRP As Tested: $40,225"

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