Can a lowly BMW 325i catch a BMW i8 on the Nurburgring?

Sure it can, provided it's a heavily modified, race-ready 325i driven by a professional racer.

This GotiKGotcha Motorsport's BMW 325i is driven like a boss, dispatching every car in front of it until it comes upon the i8, which it too seems to be driven by a pro.

The i8 keeps its lead on the 325i for quite sometime, but...well, watch the video to find out which car reigns supreme.

Regardless the results, it is great to see a plug-in performance supercar car out doing its thing on the track rather than a garage on display!

For more on the 325i from GotiKGotcha, check out the Facebook page here.


Race-Ready 325i

Race-Ready 325i

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