Formula E powertrain from season one

Formula E powertrain from season one

US racing team Andretti Formula E needs to step back and revert to its season one McLaren powertrain from Spark-Renault SRT_01E as their new powertrain isn't yet ready for prime time.

This is not the end of the dream to be manufacturer, but for sure its a delay of introduction.

Poor reliability of the new powertrain enabled it to complete a total of just 16 laps, while after changing to the old powertain on the last day of testing, Simona de Silvestro and Robin Frijns clocked 68 laps.

"Following a difficult pre-season testing programme during which the team was unable to complete any meaningful mileage with its new powertrain, the team opted to install the season one technology for the final test day so that it could take to the track. However, the team confirmed that despite the setback it intends to retain its status as a constructor and move its focus to introducing a bespoke powertrain for the start of next season."

Roger Griffiths, head of Andretti Technologies, said:

“We made the decision to change on Monday evening and we’d come into this test with certain objectives we wanted to achieve and we had a situation which has prevented us from achieving those objectives.

“That was a key factor in what we would do and it’s obvious we’ve had a number of issues trying to get to this stage. We kept working through them and we were confident of finding a solution but unfortunately the circumstances meant that we were left with no choice. It’s important we put on a good show and put on hold our plans to develop the powertrain and we’re not going to give up our status as a constructor. We are going to keep working but just delay the introduction until season three.”

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