Video description:

"Headed out to Piedmont dragway in the new ludicrous P85D for the first time."

"Noticed being a couple tenths faster along with help from launch control, which was only used on the last race. It is a bit difficult to use in a racing scenario where you want to cut a good r/t but is also running as fast as time from a P90D at least in the 1/8th mile since we have not done 1/4 mile yet."

"Took on a Camaro SS, 5.0 coyote mustang with a stall, turbo Chevy silverado, and a Plymouth GTX. Tesla vs Muscle cars."

The race versus the Camaro SS is especially entertaining, as the Model S driver lets the lowly Camaro get the jump off the line before mashing the accelerator. In no time, the Model S catches the Camaro, then blows it away.

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