GM in China

GM in China

A few years ago, General Motors presented in China Chevrolet Sail EV concept, (original announcement) but there wasn't much of an effort to sell electric cars in China. Chevrolet Volt was offered there, but in limited numbers.

Maybe the situation will change with a new investment of 3 billion yuan ($470 million) from GM's joint venture. The investment goes towards a new plant dedicated to New Energy Vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids).

Plans are bold with annual capacity of 200,000, but timeframe wasn't announced. We don't know which cars will be produced there either.

With China's current push towards electrification, it's time for GM to jump on the train.

"SAIC-GM-Wuling, a three-way joint venture with SAIC Motor Corp Ltd and Wuling Motors Holdings Ltd, began construction of the plant on Friday in the southwestern province of Guangxi.

Automakers in China are racing to build electric and hybrid cars to meet national fuel economy standards that will become increasingly strict to 2020, part of a broad effort to curb pollution that chokes many urban areas."

Source: Reuters

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