After successfully developing capability of CHAdeMO DC fast charging for the Toyota RAV4 EV (originally only J1772 enabled), Quick Charge Power demonstrates Tesla Roadster retrofit with CHAdeMO - JdeMO.

Two Roadsters, 1.5 and 2.5 versions were connected to the NRG EVgo chargers in California and were able to charge at the 1st try.

"This is two Tesla Roadsters being charged at the same time with CHAdeMO stations, courtesy of Quick Charge Power supplied "JdeMO""

JdeMo for Rav4EV costs $2,999 plus some other costs. In case of JdeMo for Tesla Roadster the price is expected at the same level "$2999 plus any options, taxes, installation, shipping, etc" when the product will be ready.

Around 40-50 kW charging capability would be nice thing to have, especially for cars with larger 70 kWh battery (3.0 update), for which Tesla still didn't prepared Supercharging access. Base charging capability for Roadsters is below 17 kW (208–240 V, 70 A).

Tesla Roadster 3.0

Tesla Roadster 3.0

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