Tesla Model S in the Switzerland

Tesla Model S in the Switzerland

Tesla Model S is booming in Switzerland’ after introduction of the four-wheel-drive versions (P85D and 85D).

In just June and July ,Tesla sold some 450 units, while YTD number of registrations stands at 837.

Over 87% (730) of all Model S sold this year in Switzerland’ are AWD, according to EagleAID! In general, around 40% of cars (record high) bought by Swiss drivers are AWD.

Most important is that Tesla is eating market share of the luxury segment:

"With deep-seated range-anxiety fears almost eliminated with Tesla’s claimed 420 km range for the Model S, plus the popular aspect of safety from four driven wheels, Switzerland’s rich and famous appear to have warmed to the idea of dumping their traditional luxobarge cars for a top-notch green-halo electric saloon from the world’s youngest prestige car maker

That’s the message from latest Swiss car sales figures showing that during the seven months to July this year the Tesla Model S on its own was responsible for some 835 sales, outselling combined Swiss sales of Luxury-Segment dominating chariots such as the Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7-Series during the same period."

Source: EagleAID

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