The title pretty much says it all.

The Nissan electric brand is a virtual rockstar in Japanese ad spots.

Whether that be promoting out new, soon-to-be-released autopilot (or as Nissan refers to it - Piloted Drive 1.0, video above), or the new sportier trim/performance and colors for the 2016 LEAF (available only in Japan), or the 60 kWh IDS all-electric concept.

It is like there is there is an exciting Nissan brand energy for the plug-in at home in Japan that is infectious, but a toned-down, reserved, vanilla flavor version for the rest of the world.


Our wish?   A lot more domestic attitude exported abroad in the future.

Video (below): Nissan 60 kWh IDS Concept promo (basically the next generation LEAF mildly disguised)

Video (below): Nissan LEAF in new Japan-only Aero trim

Video (below): English dub of Japanese-made full length IDS Concept trailer


Videos (below): Meanwhile in the US and Europe, we get this.  Not bad, but just not quite the same excitement either

Hat tip to Adrian!

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