Vision Fleet has debuted a new green car sharing service "Evercar" from the LA Auto Show this week, a service which allows locals in the area to rent an EV for a flat "per hour" fee for providing on-demand services such as Uber and Lyft.

Vision Fleet Already Runs A 425-Strong

Vision Fleet Already Runs A 425-Strong "Green" Fleet In Indy

If the name "Vision Fleet" rings a bell, that is because the company already operates a 425 strong, plug-in "Freedom Fleet in Indianapolis, as well as manages municipal fleets in Atlanta and Colorado.

The details of this latest project are pretty straight forward.  If you are driving for Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates, etc., you can rent an all-electric LEAF at the rate of $5/hour (unlimited miles)...without having the hassles of actually owning a car at all, while at the same time providing a green alternative to internal combustion car sharing.

"For five dollars an hour, we're making it possible for someone who wants to be part of the next generation economy to have access to a zero emission vehicle without dealing with the costs and risks of using a personal vehicle such as extra insurance, cleaning, and repairs," said Evercar general manager Paul Hirsch.

The plan got under way this past July, and Vision Fleet has designs to take the program outside of LA and into the rest of the nation by the end of 2016, citing early success with the pilot project already.

Currently Evercar has vehicles to reserve in three locations:

- Downtown Los Angeles - Marina del Rey - Santa Monica

For more information hit up Evercar's FAQ here, sign-up to drive here.

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