Model X

Model X "Bio" Hazard Button - A Real Thing

Business Insider recently tested out the Tesla Model X's "Bioweapon Defense Mode" in "fragrant Manhattan" and reports back that the occupants of the X "couldn't smell Manhattan anymore" with the mode engaged.

The website wasn't able to test the mode against actual bioweapons (thankfully), so we still don't know if it works as Tesla claims, but it does effectively remove foul odors from the air as it enters the car.

What actually happens when "Bioweapon Defense Mode" is engaged? In short, nothing.

Per Business Insider:

"...we wanted to see what would happen when we engaged the feature."

"But ... would alarms sound? Would lights start flashing, like they do when the Starship Enterprise goes on red alert? Would the voice of the navigation system say "Bioweapon Defense Mode engaged!"

"Actually, none of that stuff happened."

"In fact, absolutely nothing occurred. Total silence."

The only sign it was on was the fact that the Manhattan stench was no longer finding its way inside the car.

Source: Business Insider

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