We have an affinity for EV reviews turned in my the fellows at CNET; they are pretty fair blokes and the production quality is always top drawer.

That being said, this isn't so much a review on the Nissan LEAF - as everyone knows exactly what that plug-in is (and isn't) capable of at this point, but more a reflection on the state of the charging infrastructure in the UK.

As for the LEAF specifically, the guys seemed rather taken by the electric Nissan, but not so much with their extended road trip.

Obviously, when you see the EV on a tow truck during a couple occasions over the 500 mile trip around England, you know it didn't go all that well.

The nutshell takeaway on the EVSE infrastructure in the UK is as follows: big cities = good, other places = bad.

"...my jaunt through the countryside featured three malfunctioning charging points, two rides in a tow truck and an exhausted drive back to London in the wee hours of the morning. While I technically completed the route, it was plagued with so many problems that I can't call it a success."

CNET, Hat tip to David, Mark and sven!

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