Nissan New Mobilty Concept

Nissan New Mobilty Concept

Nissan provided its New Mobilty Concept (rebadged Renault Twizy) for car-sharing purposes in Kobe, Japan.

The Japanese company hopes to turn Kobe's Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya areas into an "EV Mountain".

Rokko Industries President Yasuhiro Morioka said:

"It's been 20 years since the Great Hanshin earthquake, and the inner-city area of Kobe has recovered.”

"However, Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya have struggled in their rebound, so we are thinking about mobility as a way to facilitate recovery."

"My dream is to create a place like the Swiss resort of Zermatt, an EV Mountain on Mt. Rokko, which is connected to the city of Kobe."

The New Mobility Concepts have been available to tourists for approximately two years.

"Two years ago on Mt. Rokko we launched a tourism campaign using the New Mobilty Concept EV. It's a fun-to-drive, two-person electric vehicle, which is also eco-friendly with zero emissions."

The number of car-sharing vehicles on EV Mountain has hit double digits, but will grow as zero-emission mobility expands in downtown Kobe, which has operated its own "sea:mo" car-sharing program since August."

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