Red Tesla Model X Delivery

Red Tesla Model X Delivery

The Meet Model X tour continues across the United States, thus providing reservation holders with the opportunity to test drive the electric SUV.

One such test drive occurred recently in Portland, Oregon where a gentleman by the name of Asoka got behind the wheel of the X.

Asoka owns a Tesla Roadster (doesn't own a Model S) and a Honda CR-V, which he loves for its versatility, utility and decent gas mileage. Upon driving the X, Asoka stated:

“It’s a bigger, better Honda CR-V."

Of course it's better than a Honda CR-V and it has more utility too. As Popular Science states:

"...the Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds with 713 lb-ft of total torque from both of its motors. Asoka was already planning on buying a utility trailer for trips to the farmers’ market in their Model X after making his wife hold a large plant in her lap in the Roadster on the way home last summer."

The X has substantially more range than Asoka's Roadster and returns much improved gas mileage compared to the CR-V. Quoting PopSci:

"The Model X will better both the range of Asoka’s Roadster and the efficiency of his CR-V. He says he currently sees a maximum of about 170 miles in the Roadster, while the Model X P90D performance model used for the test drives has a 250-mile range. And the Honda’s 30 mpg or so will be tripled to about 90 MPGe in the Model X P90D."

According to Asoka, the Roadster is his daily driver. He loves its acceleration. How does the X compare to the Roadster in this metric? Asoka says both are lightning quick and notes (with a grin) “That acceleration never gets old."

Source: Popular Science

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