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In the small rural community of Ortonville, Minnesota, Henry Nelson is a mail man with a difference. His community relies on him, and he relies on his Model S. With its superior handling, exceptional reliability, and low running costs (except, perhaps, the occasional car wash), Model S is the only choice for Henry.

Ortonville, Minnesota has a population of 1,856. Henry says that it has lots of hometown charm. His postal route is 124 miles per day, 80 of which are on gravel roads. He has been driving the Tesla Model S 85 for his mail route since October 2014. With 38,000 miles on the vehicle, Henry has basically had no maintenance beyond cleaning it.

Henry said that in the past he averaged about $25-30 a day for gas. This obviously was during a time when fuel prices were approaching nearly triple today's prices. Now, Henry manages to cover his route for about $3!

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