2015 Nissan LEAF charging

2015 Nissan LEAF charging

Nissan announced a new project of the Fuel Station of the Future.

The Japanese manufacturer will design and develop a new kind of station together with international architects Foster + Partners.

The main goal of the project is to propose stations, which would be able to handle electric cars. We guess that besides slow and fast chargers, there will be an energy storage system and solar.

Who knows, maybe they will even add a hydrogen dispenser.

"The concept will be anchored at the heart of a world that is concerned with a zero-emissions society, connected communities, autonomous drive and the Internet of things. It will demonstrate the host of benefits brought by a smart EV ecosystem - not just in terms of mobility, but in harnessing the potential of battery storage and vehicle-to-grid systems."

David Nelson, Head of Design at Foster + Partners, said:

“The aim of our collaboration with Nissan is to highlight the magnitude of the challenge that we face in evolving our cities to meet change. New technologies, alternative forms of fuel and changing trends within our society are all having a huge impact on the way we get around.

“It seems to be clear that electric vehicles will be a major feature of the urban landscape and, as a result, this presents an exciting opportunity to rethink the fuel station for future generations; a new approach to design will create a more integrated and communal role within our towns and cities. As the leaders in the electric vehicle market, Nissan has been critical in providing insight on how the motorists of the future will interact with the built environment.”

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan, commented:

“Our current refuelling infrastructure model is out-dated and faces an uncertain future unless it rapidly adapts to support the changing needs of consumers. By 2020, there will be almost one million EVs on the road, so it is imperative that there is an infrastructure in place to support this growth.

“This initiative will take the first steps along that road to examine the wider transportation landscape and reimagine the future of mobility, preparing our cities for a more sustainable future.”

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