Yesterday, at an annual press conference, Honda president & CEO Takahiro Hachigo confirmed:

Honda CEO, Takahiro Hachigo

Honda CEO, Takahiro Hachigo

"We will strive to make two-thirds of our overall unit sales from plug-in hybrid/hybrid vehicles and zero-emissions vehicles such as, FCVs and battery EVs by around 2030."

Hachigo explained that the primary initial focus will be on plug-in hybrid models. Quite a turn around from the company that was very "hydrogen-friendly" not so long ago.

Honda's CEO said:

"We will make a plug-in hybrid type available for our major models and increase the number of models sequentially."

Only two other automakers have made such announcements publicly. At last year's LA Auto Show, Audi claimed that by 2025, 20 to 25% of its vehicles sold will have a plug.  Toyota said last year that by 2050 (not much pressure here), most all of their vehicles will be hybrids or fuel-cell vehicles. Toyota failed to specifically mention plugs.

Highlights of Hachigo's speech:

  • Japanese production will maintain at 950,000 vehicles a year
  • 2017 Honda Accord hybrids will be exported to North America later this year
  • The next-gen Accord Hybrid will have an improved two-motor hybrid system
  • 2017 Honda Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell five-passenger sedan will go on sale in Japan next month
  • Clarity will later be offered as full battery-electric and plug-in hybrid
  • Next-gen fuel-cell system joint effort with GM will be available around 2020
  • An all new plug-in hybrid vehicle to North America by 2018
Sources: HondaAutoblog, Green Car Reports

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