Rac Breakdown in the UK released a short 3-minute presentation of the BMW i3. Rac is unable to stop talking about how good the i3 is.

According to Andrew Frankel, the i3 is so great that it could be the first plug-in car that one buys for reasons other than it's electric.

Well, we think that Tesla and maybe some other EVs also attract consumers not only because they are electric, but because they are great products in other ways.

Anyways, it's good to see that the i3 is appreciated and is helping to spread the positive word about EVs.

"BMW i3: best all-electric car?

A genre-defining statement of intent from BMW, says expert car reviewer Andrew Frankel"

Editor's Note:  At one point the host states that the BMW i3 (BEV) can go up to 180 miles, but we believe he meant to say 180 km, and just mis-spoke;  as 180 km would be ~110 miles, which is right around the European NEDC rating (where the drive takes place).  The real wolrd/EPA rating of the BMW i3 (BEV) is 130 km/ 81 miles

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