Unlike most other media outlets, Consumer Reports purchases its own cars for reviewing and testing purposes. This eliminates the possibility that an automaker could perhaps provide the media outlet with an example of a car that performs better than one bought at the local dealership or, in Tesla's case, store.

It's for this reason that Consumer Reports' testing is often viewed as the most genuine and accurate.

In this video, Consumer Reports puts the Tesla Model S P85D through various tests and finds it doesn't quite live up to the claimed numbers, at least not in the acceleration category, but the testers are still blow away by how quick this car truly is.

"Consumer Reports put the electric Model S P85D through the same tests other cars undergo at its track as part of its overall assessment of Tesla's performance sedan. See how it fared in three key tests, along with its fuel efficiency figure."

It should be noted that Consumer Reports tests acceleration without rollout.  This typically results in 0 to 60 MPH times that are several tenths of a second slower than say MotorTrend's results, or even results published by the automakers.

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