Tesla Won't Rely on Blow-Up Autopilots

Tesla Won't Rely on Blow-Up Autopilots

Acording to IEEE Spectrum, Tesla Motors began beta testing of Autopilot with a group of selected Model S owners.

There is no official details on what exactly is being tested nor on how many customers were selected. Beta testers probably signed some kind of a non-disclosure agreement and they are tight-lipped for now.

What we now is that implemented features are more driver assistance systems, rather than autonomous drive.

 "Tomorrow, Tesla is to begin uploading the latest version of its Autopilot software to a select group of of its Model S electric cars. The owners of these vehicles will act as beta testers, putting their cars through wringers never imagined by the company’s pros. If all goes well, a wider roll out will come later in the year."

"Tesla’s beta testers will indeed be drivers, not merely passengers, because Autopilot 7.0 represents only a small step up from the previous package of driver assistance systems. It will manage lane-keeping, mind the gap to the car in front and behind, and handle much of the braking and acceleration. But testers will still have to oversee all operations and register their alertness—if only for legal purposes—by hitting the turn signal indicator every so often."

Tesla intends to do its own mapping because there are no publicly available mapping services of sufficient resolution for autonomous driving. Maybe this is why Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz bought Nokia’s mapping service.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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