Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Out of the over 50,000 Tesla Model S sold in 2015, slightly over 50% went to cutomers North America, while Europe sales are estimated around 16,000 (15,800-16,200), which is nearly one third.

We checked which countries were the largest market for Tesla using official data, and sometimes regional estimates.

And as it turns out, Norway absorbs every fourth Tesla in Europe - 4,039 registrations.

Two countries - Norway and Denmark - represents nearly 42% of Tesla's sales in Europe, but only represents a small population portion of the region. A strong reason for this is that Norway has strong incentives to buy BEVs, while Denmark residents are encouraged to buy Tesla by entering a path of tax-incentives cuts.

Basically, the incentives more than make up for the seemingly ever increase value of the US dollar and the cost to export the Model into Europe.

Including the third best performing country, the Netherlands (another plug-in friendly country), and these three smaller countries account for 53% of the whole.

Not all numbers are 100% confirmed, so as fair disclosure the biggest unknown factor in the regional data is from the numbers in the UK - we used 991, but it could be less, perhaps below ~900 even.

source: Tesla Motors Club - Europe 2015 Model S sales

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